We believe that the old ways of working are broken and new ways need to be created.

What the world needs now are leaders with the ability to imagine, create and build a profoundly beneficial future.


N3XT helps today’s leaders cultivate the capacities they need to guide, develop and transform their organizations to thrive in today’s complex and fast-changing world.

N3XT offers custom in-house programs for organizations, businesses, networks, associations, groups and teams. As a result leaders and their teams expand their organization’s impact beyond what is possible today.


For Leaders it is not easy to see that Personal Mastery creates the conditions for Business Excellence. Our assumptions have been so fundamentally challenged that something NEW could emerge.”

Michael Fleischhacker
Die Presse

“I’ve been dazzled by Julia’s ability to facilitate leadership work with clients as well as lead a consulting company. Her brilliant mind and open heart make her a wonderful workshop leader. I see her also as an example of how a wise and powerful woman can succeed in the business world and her personal life.”

Fred Kofman
VP of Leadership and Organizational Development at LinkedIn

“An excellent framework,  to reflect life in an organized way, that helps you move on. With professionals, that understand organizations AND people well. Thank you!”

Walter Emberger
Founder and Managing Director at Teach for Austria

“An earthquake breaking the walls of my fortress and killing my soldiers, leaving me defenseless, in front of an empty and wide green field, showing me that this is actually freedom.”


“The outcome for me was a deep introspection process and a state of calm and clarity of mind. I have a surprisingly high energy at work – Thanks a lot showing to me the possibility of freedom.”

Yazaki Group


N3XT programs are a combination of teachings, practices and coaching in a unique approach that brings together Personal Mastery, Zen Wisdom and Business Excellence.

Through deep learning experiences we help leaders see how their mind is creating their reality, how to access their innate wisdom, and how to skillfully shape new possibilities for themselves and those around them.

With our support, leaders and their teams become more self- aware, begin to set intentions that have profoundly beneficial impact, and create new conditions that lead to real-world success.

The Art of Personal Mastery

This is where we understand how we create the world we live in. We see how our fixed identity as a separate self is like a box. What if we were able to shift beyond the limitations of our box and live and work from a much larger field of possibility?

The Wisdom of Zen

This is cultivating our innate capacities to be aware in the present moment and fully participate with the conditions that are emerging. What if it was our open presence, courageous questioning and intention to help others that makes the most difference?

The Power of Business Excellence

This is skillfully manifesting personal mastery and wisdom to create beneficial impact in the real-life context of our business environments. What if your success is not just about working harder, but about seeing and acting in a fundamentally different way?


Do-On Robert Thomas

Do-On Robert Thomas

Executive coach and internationally- known Buddhist teacher, he leads retreats, classes and gives public lectures throughout the year. Before living in a Zen Buddhist monastery for 6 years, he was a serial entrepreneur starting multiple businesses in San Francisco. From 2005-2013 he was President/CEO of San Francisco Zen Center, the largest Buddhist community outside of Asia.

Julia Culen

Julia Culen

Executive coach and management consultant based in Vienna and San Francisco. She has held leadership roles in international companies such as Boston Consulting Group, Unicredit Group, Consulting Group Neuwaldegg and her own company Culen Mayhofer Partner. She writes and speaks about organizational transformation in international conferences and publications.

Christian Mayhofer

Christian Mayhofer

Executive coach, consultant, psychotherapist and teacher for almost 30 years. He has consulted and coached organizations and executives globally and directed major corporate transformation projects. Christian is an ordained Zen monk with a long term practice, including residential time at Buddhist monasteries. He lives in San Francisco and Vienna.